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neil: when you talk about gusts. gusts, i understand, last a while. even after the storm has come and gone. the residual dust can drag on for how long? >> it is like a strong gust until tuesday. only five or 50 miles per hour. it is a very strong area of low pressure. a deep area of low pressure here. that will keep the winds from it. it uses warm water and comes in and this becomes more of a nor'easter type storms untransformed. it will stay this way until tuesday. neil: i do want to update you on how this plays out. people get alarmed when they call 911. everyone is calling at the same time, and it is problematic. a spokesperson saying that the city is experiencing high volume. some people are being told to
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wait. people should be calling with real emergencies. a genuine emergency, lower manhattan, virtually cut off for electricity to this entire region red getting a good view, a view of the freedom tower. working under its own illumination. it is lower manhattan. as you can see, very few were working in lower manhattan. in and out of the area, by the way, continuing to be shut down tomorrow. of manhattan a ghost town. of course september 11, the
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world trade center. all in that neck of the woods. this is also home of the new york stock exchange. that organization, seo o'leary leibowitz on the fun of me right now. as expecting, trading will not happen tomorrow. a lot of folks now bidding concern for wednesday with all the company flooding and whether even if you wanted trade technically you will be able to trade. what. neil? >> well, look. weeare making every effort to make sure that we can trade on wednesday. lots of plants. we are working through everything we can. our every intention. the other changes in the u.s. markets that we will open the market. neil: we are looking at midtown manhattan. trying to say a lot of these emergency vehicles were just for this crane collapsed. i'm told as well that it is for
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debris falling on sixth avenue for some of the older buildings on sixth avenue. it is out exclusively for this tower. this varies like the tower. it's on to complete, but would be when completed the largest private residence in the world. the tallest at least. also the richest. i digress. i guess back to you and the new york stock exchange, if there is concern as far away as midtown manhattan about rocks and debris falling on folks, also lower manhattan still been largely a ghost town, that might change, but it is going to make trading once it does resume, resume on very limited, forcibly limited volume, right? >> well, you know, not everything emanates from lower manhattan. i think that at a certain point we are going to feel the need to get these markets open. that will help people feel more
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comfortable, and people can do risk transfer and all the things that they need to do. you are right. people cannot get to work it will be less liquidity. part of the concern of the last couple of days. but, you know, this looks really bad right now. things sort of settle out tomorrow midday, you know, by wednesday people can probably get in there, although obviously a lot of mass transit will not be available. we're spending a lot of time on the transportation of people into the york. wednesday morning assuming bridges and tunnels are opened but mass transit is not available. neil: i imagine you have not had a lot of sleep, young man, but thank you for taking the time to update us and what is going on. sub did you suspect, street will be closed tomorrow. this is the first back-to-back natural disaster of vance, not that 9/11 and man-made type of disaster in the better part of a
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century, but they do hope to resume trading on wednesday. we will see. that might prove easier said than done, but at least it will get things up and running, and that is the hope when state. meanwhile, l.i. supervisor on the phone with us right now. a former national security official. sir, good to have you. it is tough in your neck of the woods and stands to get a lot tougher tonight. >> we are on steadily the four of the storm. bear islands are surplus suffering with the record surf and record wave action as well as some significant coastal flooding, so we are really on the forward edge of it, taking the brunt of it through the evening hours into tomorrow morning, and we will be prepared to start their response and recovery phases, but this is certainly a record storm. neil: as a former homeland security guy as well, i always think the grand -- the bad ggys when they look better shut of lower manhattan in the dark.
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power is out, much a man and power is out. generators are buildings or facilities. guys might think of this house might want to seize on that? >> it's always a concern, but the community, the interagency community actually trains for these kinds of scenarios. they give you the worst possible cases. they throw at you a hurricane and then some sort of otter catastrophic attack or some sort of event. so we train for these things in the federal government. this is something we invest a lot of money and manpower in. it is to be ready for precisely these scenarios. neil: do you think this city by and large and the surrounding locales are ready for this? i think they did not even appreciate the damage just a lot of rough wind can do to say nothing of that tidal surge, the water surge, much of lower manhattan, wiring and systems
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that operate, everything from buildings to exchanges, likely compromised for days, if not weeks to come. >> yes, the prepared his face for these kinds of -- these kinds of storms a catastrophe's really has to be a year-2 years before the actual event. you have to constantly be training in custody prepared preventing these storms is what we're doing now with our evacuation's, or mandatory evacuations and relocations to shelters. but this is something that has to be, has resigned in the bush administration, it is something that you have to find love. you cannot make up that time at the end when the wind and waves a starting. so we have invested over the past ten years enormous amounts of money, both in the federal, state and local levels to be prepared for these kinds of scenarios. now, at the local level now that we are down at the town, municipal level, of course of limited resources and with already stretched budgets, this is going to take its toll on local government, for short.
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neil: thank you very, very much. hang in there. >> thank you very much. neil: in the meantime we will be hearing in delaware, another one of those states in the path of this monster. that state, the governor will be joining as. getting updates as well on what could ensue tonight as this storm hit broadside across some of these very populous regions. keep in mind, the effects, one out of four americans. such a bright spot. it is safe to say that the 3 million without power now, the time the wake up tomorrow morning probably won't be as the result of an electric alarm. and i say more like 30 million@ will be without power tomorrow morning. get ready. it's about to get very, very messy. ♪
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neil: all right. we are just getting word as you're looking in new york times square coming from the man and transit authority, the folksy just sort of supervise the trains, buses, everything was getting around in manhattan. up to 4 feet of sea water is entering subway tunnels under the east river. that is generally not good. generally when that kind of thing happens it takes a while for it to on happen to offer it to dry out. for those thinking that this would be a temporary disruption to subway service in and around manhattan and through manhattan, i have a feeling it is going to be a little bit more than a short-lived. again, water, seawater is entering subway tunnels. seawater, keep in mind, tends to be salty. there is a lot of wiring, and i think you can factor all of tht in as problematic to a lot of these exchanges and other facilities that depend on these advanced networks caught his wiring might be exposed to
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mother nature, seawater, which, again, i am at a loss going into home depot, but even i could tell you, wiring, salt water, not good. all right, delaware democratic governor on the phone with us right now. governor, how are things in your neck of the woods, sir? >> good evening. thank you for having me. we are struggling like all of these other states the missing significant flooding. very concerned about power outages because the storm is going to be here for a while. high sustained winds, difficult for utilities. i'm telling people they could be without power for a week or more. neil: really? now, across the board, not only your folks that have been saying that if. what makes you so sure that? obviously they see something bigger than your average storm. >> well, to make things. first of all, it could be some time before they can actually get their people out in the bucket truckssand fix things. and so that is number one. number two, just a massho have .
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so big. it will take d- altough the have people coming i to help them from other parts of the country, it is just, you know, a lot of different houses to get to. neil: you know, you talk about people -- in that don't know how much of your population, governor, had to move and to undertake a temporary shelter, but the floods are bad. we're talking about 13 put surges along the new jersey coast. obviously that could go anywhere from 300, 400 yards, 1500 feet or so. a lot of homes, all of condos along that area where people might not be returning to their homes for quite some time to come in delaware. to you have an early number on how many might be dislocated? >> well, we tried to evacuate up to 50,000. i can tell you, for people in of the beaches, beautiful beaches, but around dewey beach debate is now meeting boeotian right on top of route one, so it is significant. fortunately we have a fantastic
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team of emergency responders throughout the state who are working round-the-clock. neil: governor, while i have you, and i no you're pressed to time, let's take power outright through election day, any contingency plans, either you or your folks coming up with up to deal with that, what to do? >> we will be turning our intention to that in the next here to act. we have so much to deal with right now. we're turning our attention to what happens next. you know, the idea that it could go another eight days without power is obviously a big deal, but it is something that we cannot ignore. neil: all right. you have your priorities right. >> thanks a lot. neil: all right. we have w t xf reporter david treadwell is there. i hope i got that right, and atlantic city. what can you tell us? we have different reports on the side of the boardwalk. how are things looking back. >> let me give you a quick update. i heard the governor talked about power. one of the problems we have not had here is our going out, but
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we have lots of water. this is not the pool at the taj mahal. this is pacific avenue. al step out of the way and you can see. we have about a foot, maybe a foot and a half of water in the streets leading up to the bay area. that is the northern end of the islands toward the end let the you see all the water. we have national guard troops down in the area, police in the area patrolling. the casinos were shut down at 4:00 on sunday. no one in the casinos. all the casinos have been sandbagged and boarded up or have tape on the windows. we did see some damage to some of them, but it was minor. the big problem in atlantic city is waterproof. high tide at 8:00. the storm hit right at around 5:00 between 5 and 6:00, and the wins were whipping down here. seventy or 80 miles-per-hour. as we're talking to you, the rain is started again if the heavy wind. we will take a look at the bay area is heading down toward the bay area. these are the streets. probably a foot of water periods
9:17 pm
of the businesses along the side of getting water into their facilities and things like that to muscle they will have some cleanup to do when the stars to subside. we will get another high tide tomorrow morning. that is what they're worried about next, but again, we have not had the power outages that we expected to have up and down this area, and it has not just been here but south of your ticket may county, ocean city, stone harbor, avalon, those areas also have lots of flood water, lots of high waves. weighs somewhere between eight and 12 feet of the beaches here. but they stayed pretty much just short of the boardwalk. they did not come up over the boardwalk. some of thh water went down below the boardwalk. flooding the streets next to the casinos, but not above and passed the boardwalk. the big problem here is the bay is only 20 blocks that way. the ocean is about four blocks this way. when they come together we get massive flooding. now we're getting dumped on pretty good. lets of rain still. some water still in the streets. going to be a big clean up the
9:18 pm
next couple of days. could take a week, could take longer. no big power outages. they have them all over the country if in of the east coast, but we do not have that here in atlantic city. water is the main problem, and now we have rain again. neil: thank you. be safe. we appreciate it. you might have heard a lot about the bay and ocean each other. new jersey, if you're familiar with the topography, this goes to long beach island and a lot of these vacation resorts. they have separated like slices out along the atlantic ocean, separated by a bay or a body of water. when its starts flooding because these are very low lands, they need. the gap between the bay or the body of water could be anything from our river to a small lake. meese the other side, which, of course, is the ocean. you just did a swap between. that and we are told, is pretty much the state of things in long beach island. and so many other areas along
9:19 pm
the jersey coast, and it has been what has been so exasperated for governor chris christie who had been warning people along these areas, even those so-called west of the so-called safe side of the east side, the bay area, just go ahead and move much further and land and get back out. many did not. they felt that they were not directly on the ocean and would not be affected. obviously, like a rising tub of water it again, the water base rises whether you're on the bayside, the oceanside, or in between, you are flooded. that is the situation right now in the garden state which is more like a swamp state. ken feinberg to sort of did a gauge of the financial impact of all of this. the mesquite's messier, wind year, louder, we are on edge. because it is all about you. ♪ 4g lte is the fastest.
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neil: all right. we are getting an emergency alert from new york officials saying this emerges dealer in this area and so a.m. tomorrow morning. they're saying go indoors immediately and remain inside. do not drive. call 9114 emergencies. thank you very much. again, that just gives you an idea as to how bad authorities think things could get as the night in sues. former v.pp fund administrator ken feinberg knows a thing or two about crises and have to deal with them afterwards starting his right now. kenn this is a bad situation that could get worse, but invariably officials tried to the deal with it by telling people to just stay indoors. just not be bold, brave, think
9:24 pm
it is business as usual and go outside. what do you think? >> i think that is right. i have learned over the years not to second-guess the people in authority who are trying to protect citizens, life, limb, property. so you have to go with the experts. neil: you know, we hear estimates of damage. i don't know how they come up with these figures, but invariably they do and try to attach what they think is what at first to meet his life's -- looks like an astronomical price tag. 20 billion. i don't know how they come upon that number. do you? >> oh, yes. the insurance industry experts know exactly what they're doing. remember. private insurance companies to know when they say 20 billion, they are not insuring, no individual insurance company is insuring anything like that. insurance companies play of insurance, so they may ensure somebody for $100,000, and then 80 percent of that they reassure
9:25 pm
, and the reinsure reinsures all the way up the ladder. it's called risk spreading, and it's very, very common, and insurance companies know exactly what they're doing. neil: you know what a lot of policyholders discover, you and i talked about this before. you think you're covered, you are not. either deep inside the riding of whatever contact you have is something like your coverage for flooding unless it is unintended or unusual once-in-a-lifetime type circumstances. when this -- would this fit that bill? and a lot of folks might be having severe flood damage or worse the coming up empty getting help from their company? >> you're absolutely 100 percent right. when you buy insurance people, it's human nature, they think, okay, i bought insurance. i've covered for everything, anything, no matter what. insurance companies don't do that. we saw that, you will recall, and katrina.
9:26 pm
all of the wind damage caused by the hurricane and katrina was covered. all or almost of virtually all of the flood damage caused by the dikes that broke and the spreading, the water spreading from lake pontchartrain, none of that was covered because insurance companies generally never inshore flood. they will ensure wind, but they will ensure fled because lead usually means, as you know, entire communities as opposed to this house has wind damage, that does not. this does, that doesn't. flood is to huge a risk for just a general insurance. neil: but with a lot of folks, they did get flood insurance, but it does not necessarily pertain to special circumstances , and not being jaded or cynical about insurance companies, but it is a way to wiggle out of paying you. a lot of them might. >> well, again, you have to read
9:27 pm
the policy. you have to see what you pay for it. the more you pay them more coverage you get, and the lessee payless coverage, but the important thing to remember here is that when it comes to a hurricane's, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, tournedos, insurance companies, private insurance companies, they have been in this business for decades. they know exactly how to price it, what to cover, what not to cover, and private insurance is really the foundation of reimbursement of individuals and businesses in this country. neil: yes, i guess so. again, good words of warning for all of us. very good chatting with you again. >> as always. neil: all right. coming up, we have the national guard looking at the situation because, governor, of new york is : 1300 guardsmen to take up residence in new york, in manhattan. it is a sort of way to shepherd us through the healing process
9:28 pm
and getting ourselves back on our feet in and dry weight. by the way, the first time we have had this many guardsmen likely in manhattan since 9/11. that was responding to what was a man-made crisis if you think about it. this, more about mother nature variety. it's get ugly -- it gets ugly. on 67 to the lights still below. security officials, and anyone in authority knowing those who are not, stay the hell indoors. for your own safety. ♪ sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or secto that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market track is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidely.
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9:32 pm
manhattan, but get this, through east 309th street. i know that might seem like gobbledygook for those of you unfamiliar, but that is midtown. that is essentially midtown. picture of away from downtown new york where the stock exchanges, where the world trade center used to be, where the freedom tower is going up now and go all the way up almost 40 blocks on the side that is the fdr side, the side that faces brooklyn and all points east. underwater were experiencing water problems. now switch over to the west side of town. about another ten blocks north of that, and that is what you're seeing that is being buffeted with this high winds that we are experiencing, and that is this hotsy-totsy building. that has very flimsy flimsy friends that could be falling, and they're trying to figure out what to do with this thing. right now that crane that
9:33 pm
supports the structure has been sort of there. they build the structure up. the crane is essentially with it along the building process. well, a big chunk of that came off today like a broken arm fell off it. just sort of thing going. we are told that there is no threat of it falling, but for the better part of precaution there are going to the site and investigating it. this was earlier today. high winds and gusts of more than 80 miles-per-hour have prompted that thing just t collapse like that. they said there is no threat of a falling, but keep in mind, we have a lot more bad wind coming tonight. 250,000 folks in man and without power tonight potentially could be millions more. as we go through these next few hours. the commander of the joint task force for hurricane, on the phone with us right now. commander, what we look for righh now in terms of when you look at keeping people save, making sure a situation is that going from bad to worse, what to
9:34 pm
you look for? >> we are looking for right now people to stay in their homes, stay off the rose, stay safe and hunkered down where they are right now. neil: and for those who don't, now with the added trauma of chunks of rock, brick to milestone falling off old and new buildings alike, untold, below midtown, what do you do? >> as you said, stay inside. the waves are going to be surgeon tonight. the water will be surging tonight. don't come out unttl tomorrow, until it comes down a little bit and to stay inside. cannot repeat that enough. the mayor and the governor have been in panic in terms of the directions that are giving to the citizens to york. we are here, the national guard, we are year to help, back of the first responders ann out there tonight given their -- putting their lives on the line. 1800 national guard soldiers in new york state under j.t. s&p standing by ready to up protect the people of this state. we have three primary missions. what we are doing tonight is we are going to go out there.
9:35 pm
if we need to we will save lives. we will of to mitigate pain and suffering that the people of racing, and were looking to protect property. neil: now, we are just getting updated from a casualty counts from the york governor andrew cuomo. five storm-related debts including this one gentleman who in flushing, queens died when a pre -- tree fell on his own. obviously you never know with these types of events, but is there an area even in your home that you should go to, the basement, what do you advise people? >> if you are living in the house and you have normal type windows you should probably stay away from the windows when the winds are i. if you have trees that are nearby a part of your house you should not be in that part of the house. if you're living in new york city, most of the buildings there are builds fairly well. it is going to be the temporary structures like this train that is going to cause a problem. but if you are in your house odds are you will be safe.
9:36 pm
it will be moving around that is a problem. we just drove from long island's through new york city and up to our headquarters in camp smith, new york, which is up the huds river, and we saw a lot of trees down. we're starting to see power lines down, and a lot of debris falling around. we are right now prepare for the worst. hopefully when we wake up tomorrow morning when the citizens of new york with a tomorrow morning at don't think we will be sleeping too much tonight. we will see that the worst is past and we can start recovering neil: i hope you're right. thhnk you very much. very good words of advice. al right. so focused. we are the only ones are getti hit. obviously no fewer than 20 states along this storm's path. virginia among those hit hard. very early on. talk of the million who could be without power when all is said and done. virginia governor on what happens now. ♪ ely.
9:37 pm
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♪ neil: all right. i want to show you an image. this is taken of fdr along 501st street on the east side of manhattan. that think that is the 509th street bridge. the floodwaters obviously with a light is. that is a sidewalk. and to the left of it is the street. right now, as you can see, it is all just of floating mess. but that gives you an idea that the east drive, the east river, the east side of manhattan getting it all the way up to 50 first-rate underwater. presumably going to stay that way for a little while now because remember, it's going to get worse. on the left side highway, the wer part of the less side highway under water. cars, were told, were floating away. you have an idea that this is more than just the lower manhattan type of uncomfortable
9:41 pm
situation. this is a city-wide problem, and a blackout that has gripped much of manhattan. you're looking at midtown manhattan and your getting an idea. %-everything is okay.ts is that all general power is out on the island of manhattan. these are generators in some of the most famous skyscrapers on the planet that are eliminating the midtown manhattan skyline. as you can see, looking from all points south and north toward midtown, all the lights are out. it is just the generators that are on keeping the empire state building going to my keeping -- do they still call it -- i think they do. yes. they could lose money hand over fist, but they can apparently a for the generator to keep going. peter barnes in washington d.c. but what is going on there. >> hello. we told yoo in the last hour that the wind gust has picked up
9:42 pm
significantly in the last hour or so, and that continues. just in the last five minutes, i have to tell you, we heard a very loud booming sound, almost like an explosion, but i don't want to touch -- it does not appear to have been any kind of explosion or anything. in fact to no we now think it might have been something structural on the roof of our own building because our building shook and actually now i think we are just seeing some whites. so we will try and keep you updated on that. also want to let you know the political is reporting tonight that as far as disaster money in the bank had fema the mafia currently has about $8 billion on hand to respond to this hurricane. so there will be billions out there. we know this is -- right now one of the preliminary estimates that 10-20000000000. so fema does apparently have about $8 billion for its disaster relief.lly we have gotn
9:43 pm
confirmation from the romney campaign that governor romney u.s. canceled his campaign events will be holding a hurricane relief advance in ohio tomorrow. back to you. neil: thank you very much. we are getting word that of new jersey right now that holes was of the midsection, the northern section of new jersey are without power. by the way, that would include my wife and family, but it might be my wife's way of saying i really cannot be bothered watching a. al pretend it is a power outage. in all seriousness, that is the case. that would affect up to a million new jersey is, if you had said no 100,000 now without power in connecticut, likely upwards of 2 million in new york. you could add it up and see how they can quickly come to the prediction of 20-30000000 without power by tomorrow. the rainwater steepen and this gets worse.
9:44 pm
of course the situation in atlantic city, new jersey, the flood waters still rise. the ceanand the bay have met and the flood waters in between are the results that go from bad to worse. when we come back,t governor, bob macdonald, and what is happening in his state. floodwaters are pretty much the rule of thumb for much of the east coast. the storm that has now buffeted no fewer than 20 states. stepping back and looking at all of this. i know many of you on the west coast of the midwest are sort of running a dissent saying white is this matter? one out of an upwards of four americans now are affected by a storm that at the very least is going to buffett our economy and drench a recovery. ♪
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neil: all right. we talked about five deaths reported in new york is a result of this disaster.
9:48 pm
do you know that three of them were when a tree fell on the home in flushing greens and another, two people killed in a vehicle when a tree fell on their car in new jersey. it is always something. a vehicle, house, a tree. we told you about this train. they have evacuated a hotel that is near that. do we know the hotel itself? i'm having a guess it would be a hotel on central park south. they call it 157 because it is on 57 street with a view of central park. very swanky real estate. i guess evacuated from a hotel near this for fear that the crane was going to draw upon them. i don't know whether they are still evacuating or have been rehouse are real hotels, whenever the word is, in another facility, but they are looking at that and trying to find out
9:49 pm
how bad that green is damaged and whether it could come back to life. you can see it's weighing in the wind right there. i'm told by engineers at the scene that it might sway, but there is no chance that it will break off. you know, again, not warner von braun, but i'm looking at this puppy's winning like crazy here. maybe it does not break off, but it is when the. that is high wind in new york doing that. all right. on the phone with us now. the deep and problems of his own. virginia governor bob macdonald. how the things look in your neck of the woods to back. >> our you? well, of three days' worth of bad weather starting in the southeast virginia and virginia beach. we have had significant flooding with the heavy rain and high wind along the virginia beach coast and on to the eastern shores, significant flooding. right now our biggest problems of northern virginia. 135,000 customers without power, which is about a quarter of a
9:50 pm
million people. right now northern virginia is getting sustained when the 40 miles-per-hour plus. gusts of 60. most of the power outages are up there. so that is our biggest concern over night. lots of flooding if in the tributaries. the places along the potomac river. the challenge, this cold front coming through. we actually have blizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow in western and southwestern virginia, expecting that to 2 feet of snow. so we have, you know, guardsmen and transportation workers dealing with floods and heavy snow at the same time. neil: in the meantime you have this election that is one week from today or tomorrow, governor. we heard that governor romney has dramatically scale back its planned events. thought that he might do something that will combine relief in ohio, may be the same in virginia. can you tell us something about that? >> well, he called me saturday because we were supposed to have three events yesterday. virginia. he canceled all of those. that was the right move.
9:51 pm
we can foous on preparations. the president canceled events a day. i'm sure that they will both be back, we are expecting stall until thursday morning in some places. rain until midday wednesday in some places. so i'm sure there will make the prudent decision. at this point public safety is the top party. we did apply for federal disaster relief today, and we are certainly hopeful that we will have a presidential declaration very soon so that we can start getting relief soon to help clean up debris and so forth. neil: seven a, thank you very much for sharing time with us. >> okay. appreciate. neil: our right. we are hearing the hotel in question is the parker meridian and that is the closest the swanky hotel at that to this 157. this 157, i told you a lot about it, but it is -- when it is done and will be the tallest residential structure in the world, and also this weightiest. tapia is there going from hundred million dollars. i know that sounds eye-popping,
9:52 pm
but true. a lot of units calling for an average 10 million per condo. virtually all sold out. it was almost that way from the time the plans were first announced. this is a state of the arts building, as you can imagine, with, as they say in the business, the use of such a party would die for. a crane, wwll, if they're not careful, you might die. they're trying to make sure that puppy is not just tumble into the street below. they are examining it. there are confident that the structure of this thing stands now, but a live shot, it is still swinging wildly in the wind. the winds are expected to pick up. former fema director michael brown on how you prepare for disasters, even the crazy ones after this. ♪ [ male announc ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you tre. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive leaing, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations,
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♪ neil: all right. former fema director michael brown joins us. taking a look of sixth avenue in new york city. as 250,000 are grappling with the power to not -- right now and it will get worse as the night in sues. when you look at this, michael, what is your best piece of advice for officials on both sides? >> to get the word out on what people need to do. i have heard reports that there are 3 feet of water in the new york stock exchange building. that passage has water. as you were showing earlier, the
9:57 pm
fdr as water lapping of red. people just need to get off the street. if they're going to stay in man and then they ought to be prepared to be without power for, my guess is based on what i have been seeing, at least a day or so. it will take time ted get those transmission lines back up, get the substations back up and working. and then, i think about, you know, at least i don't live in new york. i think about my friends that do, you know, the station will be out for a while. you knows how long mta will be out. people need to be ready to deal, it does not seem like a long time, but 24, 48 and 72 hours, you are pretty nuts by the end of 72 hours off. neil: i'm sure. i know that better than you, dealing with trade. the aftermath. now we're talking about a little bit of bickering going back and forth between new jersey governor chris christie and the mayor of atlantic city. governor christie, you know, everyone get out of off low short tandem of the barrier
9:58 pm
islands, eccentric and a barrier points along midlantic city. the mayor did not say that. so there were mixed signals. a lot of those people are stuck now. a lot have to be rescued now. and that is common, i guess, in these events, but what do you do to avoid that? >> well, i had not heard that story that you just related to me. that really ticks me off. guys, get back in a room, get it straight. did one message out to the public. because that is what leaves, as you just described, that is wha@ %-neil: well, who is the default person? is it the governor? my god. he is the higher elected official, right? >> well, he is. and if the governor has already made that decision and made that announcement, the mayor, what you need to do, you'd see disagree, get on the phone, find out why, now what happened. don't send mixed signals. is the absolute worst thing that you can do in the middle of something like this stuff. neil: another thing that people not aware of, the crisis lingers long after the crisis.
9:59 pm
we're talking about flooding after 9/11, the world trade center then and now with more flooding. it's perpetual and perennial. so what do you do? >> well, what people do? now it's kind of too late now to be thinking about it. but they need to get in the mindset that, okay, i live on the 305th floor somewhere in lower manhattan. i may not have power for another 24-48 hours. you need to somehow, i don't want to get to new-age year, what you need to kind of get in a zen moment and understand that it is out of your control. the workers are doing everything that they can. they want to get power back as quickly as possible to just as much as you do. stuck on the 305th floor. so just did in that kind of zen moment and realized, stay called do what you can do there and don't panic. it is going to be a while. as you say, if these things are happening now, it's what, may be getting c

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